Thursday, 23 March 2017

What are the major locations to advertise in metro cities?

Every city basically have 4-5 major location or congestion point which cover entire city as well as it’s in high traffic area. Let’s find out those high traffic congestion areas which also best for promote your brand through hoardings. 


The Capital of India is the largest city in India in terms of area and second largest city in terms of population. The area of delhi is around 1,483 square/km. The population of delhi (ref: delhi traffic police) approx. 1,70,84,235 with 96,34,976 registered vehicles. Average person wait 15 minutes in those high traffic congestion point. The one that will top all the high congestion traffic list is ITO Crossing. This point joins the crowded east delhi to central delhi. Every day hundred and thousand people wait here for average of 5-10 minutes. Options available at ITO Crossings are Hoardings across ITO, Bus Queue Shelter Advertising, Advertising on Public Toilets, Pole Kiosk. These advertising options will help you to target the audience in the congestion. Karol Bagh Market is also one of the same congestion point. Every day many people travels to karol bagh market for various reasons like Shopping, Office etc. This makes the point highly congested area. Advertising Options available at Karol Bagh are Unipoles, Bus Shelter Branding, Advertising on Public Utilities, Pole Kiosk, Metro pillars branding etc. Other high traffic points are Saket Metro Station, Ashram – Maharani Bagh, Lajpat Nagar Market, Vikas Marg, ISBT Kashmiri Gate, IIT Gate to Yusuf sarai and Gurgaon to Dhaula Kuan. Advertising Options available on all location mention above are Delhi Hoardings, Bus Shelter Advertising, Advertising on Public Utilities, Pole Kiosk, Metro Pillar Branding, Bus Branding and Metro Duct Panel.

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Hoardings Advertisement in India

How to advertise your brand on hoardings ?

In India, it’s really a hassle job to plan your next outdoor campaign. Multiple Vendor in single place and so many media to choose from is one of the many reason brand used to face while planning the campaign. Best way to advertise on hoardings by first understanding the city structure. What are best mediums, areas, traffic congestion points, advertising options. Then try to find out the media owner of the sites. Here you can try to visit all the sites or can relay on your sources. Because, sometime its very hard to find the real media owner of the respective city. After finding the vendors, finalize the media try to book the media as soon as possible. As its very hard to block the media. After blocking the media try to finalize the hoardings before any body else booked it. Always remember in outdoor booking is the final way to hold your media. Mostly agency never consider blocking. After booking the media, brands have to coordinate with all the vendors and to get the report on time. After the first report brands have to make sure that the campaign will be running for the approved duration. In recent times some vendors are taking multiple campaigns on the same site and share the forged pictures with the brands. So, to make sure your campaign going flawlessly. Try to hire third party monitoring agency to monitor all your sites. That’s how you execute a outdoor campaign in India or you can save your time and energy by hiring a media buying agency who can handle your complete campaign and will be your one point of contact. Organized Outdoor Options is one such agency. Talk to our sale representative now by visiting Our Sites Hoardings Advertising in India
Hoardings in India is our specialty. Choose the city and we give you the complete insight of the city, advertising options and a monitoring application to make sure that your campaign will give you the right amount of ROI. 
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