Thursday, 22 December 2016

OOH Advertising in India

Can we organize the ooh advertising industry in India ?

OOH Advertising in India is still one of the highly unorganized market. It’s really a tedious task for the advertisers to find outdoor media and the information related to it. Duplicate Data, Different rates for the same sites, illegal Media, Lack of data regarding traffic information, Monitoring the campaign, Forged Pictures are some of the setbacks which make this industry more complicated. No fixed currency like TAB Ratings which can help in suggesting the best space to advertise. It’s increasing in decreasing rate.
In mid 2014, Revere Media LLP launched Organized Outdoor Options  keeping in mind to make a change in ooh advertising.
Organized Outdoor Options based out in Delhi working Pan India with some of the big brands across India. With 8 Representative offices, 4 printing units and monitoring team across 40 cities in India.
The network is growing day by day now. More than 120 Media Owners are working with Organized Outdoor Options to solve this problem.
In December 2016, Organized Outdoor Options announced the “Organized Outdoor Platform”. Single Platform for the all the needs related to the outdoor advertising. You can plan the campaign sitting in your office on your laptop or smartphone. You can choose from various options while planning the media. Hoardings Advertising to Bus Advertising. Mall Branding to Bus Shelter Advertising. Choose the media, select the duration and you can plan the campaign in 5 minutes with real time availability and best rates.
Single platform to plan, create, analysis, monitor. Organized Outdoor Platform will be ready by next financial year.
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Monday, 12 December 2016

Hoardings in India

This page will help you to find hoardings across India. With Hoardings in India page you can check out different types of billboards across India. You can check out hoardings in Mumbai. Message us if you need any hoardings across India. We’ll share the complete outdoor plan with you. Book OOH Media with us!

Hoardings brings your message to a local audience and impact your customers where they live, work and play. From launching a new product to brand awareness hoardings are the best possible way to spread your message into masses.

Hoarding Material
Hoardings are printed on a lightweight recyclable material called Flex. Which is installed as a single sheet onto the structure without the use of glue.

Benefits of hoardings
1) Hoardings are available on roads, highways and other major locations.

2) These structures are seen by vehicular traffic and pedestrians in commercial and industrial areas.

3) Designed to be mass produced and posted in multiple locations to flood the market all at once.

4) It can't be switched off like TV.

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Hoardings Advertisement